Believe In Yourself

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“Arriving at 1.15pm on Wednesday, the Portuguese star first answered questions from the students, revealing that he started playing football at four years old after being influenced by his brothers and father. He was also asked how he “became a star,” to which he replied with a smile, “Stars are in the sky. You have to train hard, believe in yourself and listen to those who know about football. Always try to improve, season by season, day by day.” ~ Cristiano Ronaldo

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How To Become A Millionaire

enjoytruefreedom-millionaire_dollar_billMany people wonder how to become a millionaire, and dream of one day of achieving it and the truth is that only a few succeed.

But is it really possible to become a millionaire in an economy like today. The answer is yes!

But this is not easy, you have to pay the price. The downside of this is that not many people are willing to do so. Most want to be a millionaire, in a stroke of luck, which is why casinos make so much money, or lotteries.

Noting many who have reached there, you can look at the several features below of how to become a millionaire, let’s see some.

How To Become A Millionaire

  • As Donald Trump says, the first step is to think big and believe that you can do it. Nobody can help you to do this except yourself.
  • Persists, most millionaires are made ​​through trial and error. Yes they failed many times, but they tried again and again, so do not be afraid of failure and persists in trying.
  • Solve a need to as many people as possible. If you have observed large companies in the world, they have solve the needs of many people around and steadily. This involves serving others by giving them something of value. When they receive this, the money comes to you.
  • Be smart with money, Robert Kiyosaki says that to be rich you need to increase your financial intelligence , this will allow you to understand how money works, discover more and better opportunities to be a step above the rest.
  • Own your own businesses. 95% of the world’s wealth is controlled by 5% of the population, they have in common, own their own businesses. Learn what it means to buy assets that generate more active, ie put your money to work for you and not the other. Learn how to generate multiple sources of income.
  • Save and Invest, all millionaires have been characterized by intelligently saving and investing their money in profitable businesses, assets that generate valuations and investments in high-value assets.

Get to work NOW! The most important thing to do now is to start at once, what good would it be to finish reading this article, nothing not going to happen. You need a plan, train yourself in financial intelligence, develop certain skills, have the desire to do so, persist and most importantly, Believe In Yourself.

Well, these are some tips that I hope will guide into the way of how to become a millionaire.

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Financial Education For Financial Freedom

Financial Education

The most common reason most people do not achieve financial freedom is the lack of knowledge, financial education. They hardly knows how to define it, almost nobody knows how to measure it. Everybody dreams about it and associate it with the things they like to do if they think that they had financial freedom.

When you ask people what is financial freedom, they say things like have all the time available to do what you want, or travel around the world whenever you want, or have a big house, or be my own boss, spend more time with my family, and the list goes on….

This is fine, but they are only some of the results of being financially free, have a better quality of life. Another mistake is to confuse financial freedom within having a lot of money, in fact there are many people who earn a lot from month to month but spend more than you earn. Know someone who would make this happen?

Financial freedom is achieved when passive income, are greater than the total expenses that allow you to have the quality of life you want.

Another very important tip many people associate financial freedom with a certain type of business or activity. Not so, the opportunities to make money does not provide financial freedom even if you make it the way you manage, multiply and use that money.

See the following statistics below and think where you would be.

The following is a real statistic that Of 100 people reeaching the age of 65:
1 ………. Was Wealthy.
4 ………. Had Revenue.
3 ………. Were working.
16 ………. They had died.
76 ………. Dependent on someone else.

At the age of 65 years, 92% of had died and others had absolutely no resources.

Your Financial Freedom Tomorrow
Only you can determine how you will live tomorrow. The money you need to sustain your future will come from the money saved during your working years and previously invested, to be used later.

If we can see the relationship between the two statistics is time to stop and think through the hands of these people at the age of 65 and then without resources spent during their productive life for their coffers a fortune that can not imagine, most possible is that lack of financial education did not know how to take it.

If you really want to achieve financial freedom and have a better quality of life, it will not be easy. But if you can and have the strong passion, what you need to do is to learn, educate yourself with financial intelligence and determination to persist until you do. These are what all those who have achieved financial freedom have done so. But it is important first of all to know what is the number for your financial freedom.

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7 Steps To Financial Freedom by Dave Ramsey


Dave Ramsey, who became a young millionaire, filed for bankruptcy before the age of 30. Among his bestselling books is the New York Times Bestseller ” The Total Money Makeover”.

The basis of his financial education stands on 7 steps that will lead to freedom.

It is worth noting that “freedom” does not necessarily mean “millionaire” but rather a series of steps that will take you to free yourself from financial problems … and is to build a world where money is not your biggest limitation or concern.

These are the 7 Steps to Financial Freedom :

Step # 1: Save $ 1,000 quickly to start your emergency fund
Emergencies do happen, it’s just a matter of time: it will break the transmission of the vehicle, the kitchen or the refrigerator. The list is endless. Have $ 1,000 saved for an emergency that will help you to start your financial freedom plan with a small cushion for the unexpected.

Step 2: Pay your debts with the Plan “snowball” (not including mortgage)
Make a list of all your debts and sort them from low to high (do not include the mortgage). The smallest debt should be your priority. Attack with everything you have that little debt until you pay. Then with the money that you pay the first debt begins to pay the second smallest and so on. The goal is to get out of debt completely.

Some financial experts believe that the plan of the “snowball” must first be paying higher interest debt and go on paying all your debts to lower interest. This is not so for Dave Ramsey. He explains that organizing your debts from lowest to highest will pay the smallest quickly which will give you small victories that will help you stay in the plan.

Step # 3: Increase your emergency fund for 3-6 months of expenses
For now, your emergency fund should have $ 1000. After paying all your debts should have a cash flow much more readily. With the money you save to be able to increase your emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses. For example, if in your budget you need $ 2,000 a month to live, then you need to increase your emergency fund from $ 6,000 to $ 12,000. This will give you an amazing peace in knowing that you have 6 months of expenses saved in case of an emergency.

Step # 4: Invest 15% of your income for your retirement
Then you pay all your debts (excluding mortgage) and did you increase your emergency fund to 3-6 months of expenses, you start saving and investing at least 15% of your gross income for retirement.

Step 5: Save education fees for your children
If you have children, step # 5 is saving for their education.

Step # 6: Pay the mortgage of your house fast
At this point you have 6 months of expenses in your emergency fund, a monthly saving of 15% on your money and investment for retirement and some college education for your children. The next step is to make incremental payments on your house to pay for it in ahead of time. Now, you are close to a life without mortgage payment.

Step # 7: Build your wealth and give generously
A person without debts of any kind, should have a substantial cash flow every month. At this time, you have divided your cash flow into three parts (do not have to be equal, you will decide how you divide) to:

  • Enjoy your money (buy, some luxuries, travel, etc..)
  • Save
  • Give generously

If you found the above reading interesting based on the Dave Ramsey’s 7 steps to achieve financial freedom, I greatly recommend you to read the book “The Total Money Makeover”. It is full of valuable information on this subject that you should not miss.

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How To Achieve Financial Freedom?

The ability to have the economic resources and to decide how to spend it wisely, is what we call financial freedom. The vast majority of us have to start building slowly through our work and savings plans. In general, we want to have financial freedom for the education of our children, home ownership, retirement etc. But how to achieve your financial freedom? Here are some helpful tips:

Step 1. Determine your current situation.
To draw any plan focused on meeting a goal, we must first know where we stand. We must be aware of the decisions (good and bad) that we take, regarding the use of our money and to learn from them.

Step 2. Financial Freedom For What Purpose?
Set your priorities so you can know how to earn and spend money. For example, a time when you are time free and time for yourself. Find a job that allows you to enjoy some hours or days off during the year in some forest or nature reserve in the country. Your goals, short, medium and long term, write them down, review them regularly and focus on achieving them. And sort them into different levels to achieve different stages of your dreams.

Step 3. Take control.
Taking control of your financial life will put you on the path to achieve the independence you desire:

  • Organize your money: determines what your income, your expenses and your bottom line for a month.
  • Adjust your spending: consumer less money and more to pay debts. The key to form a heritage is learning to live on your own.
  • Be selective: Recognize the difference between spending money to achieve goals and enjoy life, as opposed to spending it by spending it.
  • Forging the path to your financial freedom: Once your debts are under control, plan to create a fund that will give you even more freedom over your finances. Save!

Step 4. Handle your credit wisely.
Consumer credit is what we use to buy certain items in our daily lives. It is the most dangerous! Since the higher the interest rate, and the longer you have a balance against, the more expensive will be the new purchases you make. Avoid at all cost! However, not all debts are bad debts, there are useful ones, giving something of value, like a house or education for your children.

Step 5. Use your money to create more money.
Invest in instruments that are suitable for your target (long or short term), your risk tolerance and an instrument that pay you a real return above inflation.

Step 6. Protect yourself.
There are many examples of families who have lost all their property for not having had proper insurance protection. Hire the necessary insurance and do not forget also the succession estate planning through the development of a testament.
And as for you, do you still want financial freedom?

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Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

“Wealth gives you freedom to make choices” – Oprah Winfrey

Because of “money”, it makes us the person capable of doing anything. Or we do not like ourselves for the jobs that we are working, just to have an income. If this is the case, financial freedom will not mean anything.

Freedom of Choice:
- The freedom to choose whether to work or not, working around the schedule of your family.
- The freedom to choose who you want to work with.
- The freedom to work from home and be your own boss.
- The freedom to buy what you want, when you want it.
- The freedom to be a part of your children’s lives, and spend quality time with your spouse and friends.

From the above, we can see that the restriction of life is the opposite path to financial freedom then. Because it is simple, it is about you, you have time – the freedom to choose.

If you find yourself in this situation, then realise that you always have the freedom of choice and can always change your circumstances if you believe you can.

It’s not just a case of repeating positive affirmations, but a continuous rebuilding of your belief system and personal patterns. Why are you making the choices you are making and so on… examine yourself daily?

Rebuild yourself with positive patterns, research successful people in your relationship friendship that you would like to be successful in. Study them as much as you can , read their autobiographies and absorb their characteristics, so you become like them.

Choose financial freedom, it is possible and achievable for many others. Start to shift your thinking from thinking small to THINKING BIG. Backed up with the right knowledge and skills plus the right course of action, we can actually achieve our goal, which is Financial Freedom. It is your choice. Start today!

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Time Freedom

Time Freedom

Today, most people still have the mentality that all of us have to struggle to work for a living. All these were due to the necessity to have an income. We exchange our time to work to have income. And with that income, we will be able to spend time with our family, friends or our loved ones, but the time spent is not enough, no time freedom.

Next question is this, everyone of us has our own goals or dreams, and are all these achieveable? To you, the answer now is “No”. Why? Because we exchange our time for an income. If we stop working, there is no income, and we, or the people around us will suffer!

Time freedom means waking up every monrning when you want, you can go on vacation or round-the-world trips when you feel like it and for how long you want. Or you would like to spend as much time as you want with your partner or loved ones, eat and sleep when you feel like it, going to the movies or the sauna or the museum on a Wednesday afternoon.

Having time freedom means not stressing you out and running around like a headless chicken on steroids. Having freedom of time lets you slow down and relax, and let you appreciate life, your environment, people around you and the world in a much deeper way.

Time is really what all of us should strive for because when you begin to realise that time is more valuable than money (income), you automatically become wealthier. And you definitely don’t have enough of it in a 9-5 job. It takes a third of your day, five days a week, or even more!

It means having less routine and restrictions, and more flexibility to be spontaneous.

It also means you can spend your time doing more remarkable, meaningful things. Like change the world or other people’s lives. It means you can lead a more unconventional lifestyle.

Lets go on our journey….

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Passive Income

Passive Income

In the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book, income (or money) from financial freedom does not consitutes that income is derived from anywhere. Because almost make income from anywhere.  But the book defines that this income must be income derived from property or passive income from business, investment or royalty income.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is income that continues to work and continues to earn income for you even if you go on holidays, gardening, spend more time with your family etc.

With the words “holidays” or “stop working”, where many people find that it is an impossible task because one has to keep working to survive for himself/herself and families, which includes myself.  This is the herd mentality of the 90% of the world.

In fact, if you look carefully, you will find that the root of the problem goes back to “expenses” and it is not income.  So people like you who wants to have financial freedom, you need to be see yourself and use this former word “expenses” because expenses is about living our lifestyles.

Take note that the word “lifestyle” refers to our daily needs and it is all about us, and everyone of us have different ideals.

When we talk about lifestyle, we are referring to what we have been dreaming,  dream cars, big houses for family and travelling in the future. In our opinions all along, we could only borrow all these by envying at others who have all these. But yet these same very people are just like you, they are 100% human as much as you are. They also 24 hours just like you.

Right now, I do not know if you can sit and talk to yourself about living your dreams, you may find that the journey to financial freedom is not that hard   than you could have expected.

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True Financial Freedom

What is True Financial Freedom?

My rich dad used to say, “You can never have true freedom without financial freedom….” – Rich Dad Poor Dad 2 – Cashflow Quadrants by Robert Kiyosaki

The term “Financial Freedom” has been popular and widely used and talk about a lot in the last 15 years as it is known today. More and more young generations nowadays are beginning to use this word immediately, and even on the quest for it before they finish their schools to come out to work.

In 1997, after the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert Kiyosaki was released, the term “Financial Freedom” which was defined in the author’s books was becoming more and more widely used.

In his book, financial freedom is about people who derived passive income mainly from property. This passive income would be split into and/or:
- Businesses
- Real estate
- Investments
- Royalties

To own any of the above for you, sounds difficult.  In fact, it is not as easy as you think. It is beyond reach for most people. But the fact of it is that, the steps towards financial freedom is simple and easy when you take your time to read this page and take actions.

“Financial Freedom” consists of three elements in its meaning:
- Income (defined as Passive Income),
– Time, and
– Freedom to choose what you want to do.

Life without Limitations!

Most people think that the journey to financial freedom and understanding all about it is a waste of time. Since you are reading this page, please do not ever try to stop thinking that it is an impossible task.  Then what are you here for?

To help you to see and understand the term financial freedom better, we will have a detailed explaination as I have been travelling on this route for more than 10 years, lets go!

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